Golden Shadows

This is a place holder (for now) for the Golden Shadows heroband.

Zolyn (Guardian dryad)

Method: Archetype. (no physical presence except for a focus in the wooden beads necklace).

Form: A pure spirit Dryad. The focus is a wooden beads necklace worn by Senestra

Communication: All wood object carried by the member feel warmer and lighter, and everyone perceive a light smell of a forest after rain every time the Dryad "speaks"to the mind of Senestra.

Guardian Requirements:
The members must:

  • have slain a chaos enemy or have helped saving someone from chaos.
  • Swear to protect the forest and the trees of Sartar from Chaos when possible.

Awareness – Sense Chaos – 6W
Blessing – Guerilla fight against Chaos – 12W
Defense – The wood bend but doesn’t break – 6W

Golden Shadows

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