The Orlmarth clan

What Everyone Knows about the Orlmarth Clan

The Orlmarth are one of the oldest clans in Sartar, and one of the Five Old Clans of the Colymar Tribe. They were founded nearly three centuries ago by the second son of Chief Colymar, who built his stead above the Nymie River at the place now called Old Man village. They have long herded and hunted along the Starfire Ridge and surrounding Thunder Hills and know many secret paths over the Ridge to Swanvale or into the lands of the Lismelder; as a result, they are sometimes called the “Keepers of Secrets,” although perhaps they know more secrets than that. The Orlmarth are more popularly called the “Woodpeckers.” All clan members are marked with a woodpecker tattoo; the clan holds the Red-Headed Woodpecker sacred and associates that bird with the guardian wyter of the clan. Sartar the Founder has links with the clan and once transformed a band of assassins into termites before they could murder the sleeping family of King Rostakos, calling upon the sacred woodpeckers to devour them. More kings of the Colymar have come from the Orlmarth clan than another other clan – four kings in the last century. The Orlmarth have had several violent feuds with the Greydog clan of the Lismelder Tribe, the most famous reaching its climax when King Orlgandi Orlmarth burnt down Greydog Inn forcing the Greydogs to sue for peace. Every generation or so, the feud erupts again.

The Orlmarth Lands

Important People

The Wyter

The actual runes and abilities are as determined by you and the players through the Clan Generation Questionnaire. One of the manifestations of the clan wyter is known to be as a flock of red-head woodpeckers that drum a warning when enemies are in the clan lands. The wyter was once befriended by King Sartar: “Sartar’s third miracle was to turn a band of assassins into termites. The murderers had been bent upon attacking the sleeping family of Rostakos, the Colymar King. Woodpeckers, sacred to a Colymar clan, arrived quickly afterwards to rout the inhuman murderers.”

The Orlmarth clan

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