Basic Rules

Character creation

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Dice roll 101


In Heroquest 2.0 All rolls are made with a D20.

Target number:

This is the value of the ability without taking in account the masteries. It is determined by the base value of the skill + any modifier. ex:

Base Value Modifier TN(Target Number)
17 0 17
17 +5 2
17W 0 17
2W -5 17

level of success:

Roll Level of success Comments
1 Critical with any TN > 0
1< & <= TN Success
20> & >= TN Failure
20 Fumble With any TN


Each mastery that your ability have over the opposition ability grant you a bump.Spending one or more hero point also grant you a bump.

Bumps up

You can use a Bump to increase your level of success on the roll by 1. Up to a critical success.

Bumps Down

When your roll modified result is a critical success you can use any remaining bump coming from a mastery only to decrease the level of success of the opposition by 1. Down max to Fumble.

Contests Basics


Simple Contests

Simple group contests

Extended Contests

Character Evolution

You can spend hero points to increase any ability, buy back any flaws, acquire new abilities or cement an advantage.

Basic Rules

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