The Storm Chasers Campaign

An Interlude In Chaos Minor

characters: Senestra Korlmarsson, Sorra May, Sweyn Forkbeard, Gest & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 3 HP for missing characters.

The Setup.

After the wedding the heroes leave Greenstone temple, meet king Kangharl, and head toward the borderlands.

The Action

Scene 1: A meeting with King Kangharl

As the group leaves the Greenstone temple, they find that king Kangharl is waiting with the Colymar warband. As he see the famous heroes he rides with his thane to meet them.
He present his ring to Senestra and makes an “offer you can’t refuse”:

“Greetings heroes! Tales of your deeds ring in my hall, and I regret my hasty words. The Colymar have need of you! Take my banner and lead my other great men in war and peace. You will be my chief thane and my right hand. Swear loyalty to me and you will find I reward that loyalty with generosity and love.”

The group converse for a short moment and Senestra refuses the offer.
Red of rage the King roars:

“You will never get another such invitation from me! I see how you Woodpeckers oppose me and I think you seek me dead. Next time we meet it shall be as enemies, not friends!”

He turns his horse and leave.

Scene 2: A few choices for the exile.

As the list of enemies gets longer and longer, the heroes decide that leaving the Dragonpass is a good idea.
After a discussion about their option, Pavis, The Borderlands, Balazar or Whitewall, and a bone casting decision, the heroes decide to head for the Borderlands and to pay a visit to the Duke Raus of Rone, whom they heard about through the “legless” guy they saved from the chaos nest.
Senestra Korlmarsson decide to help “improving” Sweyn by using her dragon orb. As a result Sweyn grows scales that impede his movement. Scales that he and Sorra May manage to heal over time.
Dante, trying to buy a horse loose most of his wealth by spending too much on his horse.

Scene 3: “Shiny, shiny…”

While travelling through the hills of Sartar toward the borderlands and to satisfy Sorra appetite for “shiny” things, Senestra uses her magical sense for hidden wealth and soon detect valuable treasure on one hill in the neighborhood.
On top of the hill they see a ruined hamlet guarded by a ruined tower and with a water pool in the center.
As Gest patrol on his Black horse around the hill he discover that on the side of the hill.
As the group gets closer, they see 4 groups of humanoid forms. 2 groups vanish in the tower and toward the mine entrance as the 2 other groups remains in the hamlet.

Scene 4: “I see dead people”

As the adventurers gets closer they meet a ghost familly of Sartarites that explain that they died a long time ago when the Goatkin came and killed them.
As the group discuss with the ghost familly, the other groups of ghost gets closer and try to possess several of the heroes. After being repelled by Dante, Sorra and distanced by Senestra, the group of ghost manage to possess Gest. He now hear them talking inside his head and trying to take control of his body.
During that time Sweyn is investigating the pool and discover that the pool is full of dead bodies mutilated and mutated.

Scene 4: “The One Tower”

The adventurers explore the ground floor of the tower. There is a well in the middle and 3 rooms in the northern side. As Sweyn Forkbeard throw a coin in the well, a noise of suction is heard and they realize that a huge slimy worm is climbing the well.
Sorra May collapse the top of the well on the beast that continue to climb despite the rocks.
Dante turn the rocks red hot and they burn the creature to death. Making it collapse into the well again.

The first room.

This room was used by the Broos for trash and all other disgusting activities. The wall are painted in blood with primitive chaos painting. The ceiling is almost covered with small slimy worms.
In a small chest they discover a letter, some coins and the fragment of metal probably used for a mirror.
Dante burns the whole room and Sweyn call Orlanth and cleanse the room with his strong winds.

The 2nd room.

The third room.

Scene 5: The basement of the tower – An entrance to the mine.

As the heroes takes the stairs down they meet a group of Broo guarding the entrance to the mine.
In a glorious and rapid fight, Gest, Senestra, Dante and Sweyn kill the shadow creatures but unfortunately Sweyn contracts the yellow fever and start shivering and hallucinating.
Despite her best effort Sorra cannot heal him from this plague.
The group enters the mine storehouse and finds more slimy worms on the ceiling. Once more Dante create an inferno in the room. Unfortunately he is covered by the ashes of the chaos creatures.
In an attempt to help him, Senestra repel the chaos, at the same time that Dante inflame his own skin. As the chaos particle find a place to rest inside Dante skin he is marked as a tatoo, giving him a pale gray skin and marking him as a source of chaos.

Scene 6: The Shaman.

As the heroes enter the mine they discover the antechamber of a nightmare. As they progress into the mine the earth is more and more contorted and mutated.
In a side tunnel they discover silver ore and a small iron nugget, as well as another part of the shiny mirror.
Progressing into the mine they find a male Praxian, Bornam, follower of Urox the Stormbull, and despite the fact that his bottom part was turn into undead chaos, Sorra manage to heal him enough to get him back to consciousness and talk.
Further down the mine tunnel they arrive in the foul hideout of the Shaman. The Shaman and the several head kept in the jars were guarded by 2 broos and 2 Scorpion men.

The fight.

As Senestra charge headlong into one of the broo and almost get impaled on his spear, Dante burn the other to ashes, Gest charge the Shaman, Sweyn swing his sword hopelessly and Sorra, calling on the earthshaker destroy several heads and jars, challenging the Shaman.

Senestra is almost impaled by the spear of the broo she faces when Messec, her loyal Alynx companion, jump and take the spear blow instead of her. Dante support the other fighters as Gest and Sweyn have a hard time being stinged by the scorpion men they face.
Sorra, outraged by what the chaos have done to the lands, call on the earthshaker again and, as the shaman try to prevent her from destroying more heads, invoke spike from the ground, move into the ground at blazing speed and reappear near the shelves. As she pushes the shelves they fall on the shaman, destroying both the heads and the Shaman in an epic move.

As Sweyn is lying on the ground, the group circle around the remaining monsters and kill them.

The spirits of the 10 heads controlled by the Shaman are set free and Fenry two perform the Death ritual to send them to the underworld.

The Aftermath.

After the epic battle Sorra heal the heroes from their wounds and they continue to explore the mine.

Zolyn The Dryad.

Exploring the mine tunnels, the heroes discover a gigantic jar containing a dying Dryad.
As they free Zolyn, Senestra asks her to become the patron of the Golden Shadows, striking an agreement that they will protect the earth and the trees from the Chaos.

Benefits & gains

  • 5 HP for each character.
  • Zolyn is now the Guardian of the Golden Shadows.
  • You can “buy” any of the items discovered for 1 HP (the 2 pieces of the mirror, etc…).
Season 1 - session 13
To the Underworld ...

characters: Sorra May, Sweyn Forkbeard, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 3 HP / 3 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

To free Hofstaring from the Lunar hell he is imprisoned in the heroes prepare their descent to the Underworld

The Action

Scene 1: Preparing for the Underworld

the Heroes gather more information about the underworld and the possibilities to go there. They visit Minaryth in Jonstown.
They decide to follow the path of Ernalda and go to the greenstone temple to prepare for the ceremony.
Dragon prepare himself to challenge the red and silver goddess over the possession of her moon magic.

Scene 2: “She Sleeps, She Is Not Dead”

The heroes leave the ceremony as part of a funeral procession.
Sorra as Ernalda is wrapped in a shroud and the others cover their heads and mourn, weeping pitifully with a terrible racket of cymbals and horns.
Dragon, Sweyn & Dante carry Ernalda on a bier and take her to the edge of the ceremonial boundaries.
Once they cross the magical boundaries, they enter a cold, broken, lifeless world. Sorra is lifeless and dead & the procession follows the path to Ernalda’s Loom House.

Along the path a great Unliving army has assembled, a horde of the dead, demons and monsters
of the Underworld. The leader of the Unliving Army rides upon a great horned wolf; he is Nontraya
the Taker and Waster. Bloated, with dark black skin, his blood-red tongue lolls out of his gaping, fanged mouth, and he wears a garland of skulls and corpses and a bloodstained burial shroud. He is armed with a pair of strange trident-shaped daggers.

As he approach he demands to take Ernalda as his wife. While Dragon the matchmaker try to sell Ernalda to Nontraya, the other annouce him she is dead.
Angered and in disbelief Nontraya try to awake Sorra May, but she is dead.

As Nontraya leaves the procession resume and take the bier to the Loom House Cellar, a deep
dark cold rune carved out of the stone. The walls are covered in eye-catching and brightly colored murals depicting cowled and robed gods and goddesses, heroes and demons, ancestors and other figures.
Dominating the murals is a large image of a gaunt old skull-faced woman wrapped tightly in a black shroud: Ty Kora Tek.
To their surprise, Ty Kora Tek walks out of the mural and into the tomb. She lifts her own
shroud, revealing that she is a skeleton. She whispers to Sorra, “she sleeps, she is
not dead.” At once, Sorra awake and screams out secret words of Life: she lives again. Ty
Kora Tek gestures at the heroes and says, “follow me to Havan Vor and beyond.”
She leads you out of the loom house and in the underworld.

Scene 3: The Path of Silence

The heroes follows Ty Kora Tek on the path of silence and discover the dreaded underworld.

Scene 4: Nightwood & the Wild Hunt.

As the heroes follow the Path of Silence, they go along an immense forest, described by Ty Kora Tek as the Nightwood, a forest oldest than the darkness itself.
As they go along the Nightwood they hear the howling sound of hounds and wolves. Gagarth and the Wild Hunt are after them.
Making a diversion and running along the Path of Silence the heroes managed to escape from the wild hunt.

Benefits & gains

  • 3 HP for each character.
Season1-Session 12-The Silver Shields - A meeting with Kallyr

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Heroes are ambushed and attacked by the Silver shields. A meeting with Kallyr Starbrow.

The Action

Scene 1: Ambush by the Silver shield

The Silver shields ambush Dante at the Geo’s inn, Sorra at the earth temple and Senestra, Dragon & Sweyn in the hideout.
Helped by the innkeeper, Dante manage to hide and avoid being captured by the Silver Shields.
Trying to flee the temple, Sorra is captured by the Silver shield.
Trying to flee the hideout, Dragon burn himself and his sheep (meeeeeehhhh) and both with Senestra are captured by the silver shields.
In the mean time, Sweyn use the collapsed tunnel to flee to the cavern below Jonstown and then reaching The Creek by an underground river.
All prisoners are brought to the lunar garrison.

Scene 2: Fleeing the lunar garrison

As Sorra call on the power of Maran Gor to create an earthquake and collapsing the cell wall (and a part of the building), Messec and Dragon friend make trouble in the barracks court.
As they try to escape using Nagini the serpent, they find themselves in the basement where they save Borham, a prisoner tortured by the lunar.
After creating more havok, they finally escape from Jonstown.

Scene 3: A meeting with the reble leaders.

Borham confess being one of the people who help the rebels, providing them food and other needed items. He agrees to bring the band to meet with a group of rebels he supports.
After meeting the group in the hills, they move to meet with Orngerin Thundercape at one of his camp.

Scene 4: Kallyr & Orngerin

At Orngerin camp, they are welcomed by Orngerin and then by Kallyr Starbrow herself.
Kallyr welcome Senestra as a (junior) member of the Iron Ring of Sartar and inform the group it was her who gave Senestra the iron sword in the hero plane.
Sweyn decide to challenge Kallyr Starbrow in a duel to take leadership of the Rebellion. He doesn’t have the time to move before being given a nice shave and a small cut. All the camp soldier are amused by this but Kallyr appears distant.
As she go back in Orngerin war room (tent) she asks Senestra to follow them as she present next moves for both Senestra and Orngerin.
She asks Senestra to run a raid against the HillHaven clan of the Lismelder tribe.
After Kallyr and her follower quit the camp, Orngerin advise the rebel group encountered to follow Senestra.

Benefits & gains

  • 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
Season1-Session 11-A meeting with King Sartar

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Heroes run a raid on the red sheep of Black Oak Clan (Colymar tribe) for & with Orstalor the Spearlord

The Action

Scene 1: Ambush the Silver shield

As the group try to ambush lunar cargo ships along The Creek river near Danger ford, they attack a boat protected by the Silver Shields, a lunar mercenary company. As they are routed they decide to attack easier target.

Scene 2: A season of Ambush

In the next 3 weeks, they succesfully managed to run a campaign of ambushes and raids against lunar tax collectors and caravan, distributing the collected wealth to the Cinsina tribe, gaining renown with the cinsina tribesman.

Scene 3: In search for answer

In search of answer, the band decide to travel to the Otherside and petition Sartar for his counsel. They prepare for the ceremony and sacrifice a bull to Sartar before travelling to the stead of Orlanth.
As they cross in the hero plane, they incarnate the heroes who went to Sartar to form his band.

Scene 4: The beast men

The first challenge faced by the group is a mercenary unit of beast men in the service of the red goddess. The band fight well and vanquish the beast men. Pursuing their way to meet Sartar at his army camp.

Scene 5: The red woman

Lost in the wilderness of the Dragon pass, the heroes arrive at the village of the Red Woman. In order to get direction from her, Dante seduce her and spend a night in her hut. In the morning, a slashed and exhausted Dante joined the rest of the group with the direction for Sartar camp.

Scene 6: The Army of Sartar

As the group arrive on a hill above the massive army of Sartar, a patrol connect with them and inquire for the reason of their presence.
The group has to prove its valor by participating in contests.
As they prove themselves they are allowed to continue and finally meet King Sartar.

Scene 7: King Sartar

King Sartar welcome the heroes in his tent and answer question and provide counsel.

  • Who is the heir?
  • The heir in blood is known by Sorra. The one to be crowned will be judged by their act and not by their blood.
  • What do you need to light the Flame of Sartar?
  • Many heroic deeds are needed: Find the giant craddle, Slay the Red Emperor and triumph against the lunar empire, raise the ship planet in the sky and tame the dragon.
  • The Sword of Sartar
  • Senestra Korlmarsson is offered the Iron Sword of Sartar by king Sartar and invited to join the Iron Ring.
  • The pen
  • Sorra May offer the Iron pen to King Sartar.

Benefits & gains

  • 5HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
  • Item gains during heroquest can be consolidated for 1 HP.
  • Other benefits as provided on the session.
Season1-Session 10 - Red Sheeps

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Hero run a raid on the red sheep of Black Oak Clan (Colymar tribe) for & with Orstalor the Spearlord

The Action

Scene 1: Meeting Orstalor the Spearlord in Jonstown

Scene 2: Revelations about Orstalor the Spearlord

Scene 3: Preparing the Festival

Scene 4: Crossing the wood

Scene 5: Trouble at the festival

Scene 6: The Raid

Scene 7: Fleeing the Black Oak thula

Benefits & gains

  1. 5HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
  2. Benefit: 1 magical Blue sheep for each character
  3. Establish a link with the Iron Ring of Sartar
Season1-Session 9 - The trial

characters: Sorra May, Dragon, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Hero learn about their lineage & face a trial to outlaw them

The Action

Scene 1: A meeting of kings

Fazzur summon the kings of the Colymar and Lismelder tribes in Quackford as his army are marching south for war. He get the King of the Colymar tribe to pay a high tribute to the Lismelder for all the killed and to prevent the war. As he gets out from the meeting he is angry against the Orlmarth in general and the heroes in particular. He will summon them to pay for the deeds and repay the wergild he had to give to the Lismelder.

Scene 2: A friendly visit.

In the evening, Senestra receive the visit from an old men, presenting himself as Dunorl Ring-Guarder of the ernaldor clan.
He explain her lineage to Senestra. As Senestra call her friends in, Dunorl explain their lineage to them.
He urge them to help freeing Sartar from the Lunar and tell the heroes that their action are watched by the Iron ring of Sartar.
He also identify the iron sword Senestra carries as the Iron Sword of Sartar, a part of the regalia of king Sartar.
Dunorl is also famous for being a supporter of the exiled former Queen of the Colymar tribe, Leika.
After this visit the heroes visit Minaryth in Jonstown to seek more information. There he provide a little more information about the iron ring of Sartar.

Scene 3: Preparing the trial

The heroes visit nearby clans to try to gather help during the trial with various success.

Scene 4: The trial

The heroes are summoned before the tribal assembly to face a trial for their deeds. In fear of their growing renown as a threat to his rule , king Kangharl ask for greater outlawry for what they have done.
4 of the heroes are condemned to outlawry for the next 3 years: Senestra, Sorra, Dante and Dragon.
Sweyn, impressing the tribal assembly is cleared of the charges, but this judgement outrage Kangharl.

Scene 5: Jonstown

The heroes, facing outlawry, travel to Jonstown to seek council from Minaryth and prepare for their new lives.

Senestra hunt down the cattle from king Kangharl before meeting Dernu & Gernu, who advise her to fight the lunar to free Sartar. She then ambush a lunar tax collector convoy near Jonstown.

Dante start his work as a redsmith in Jonstown

Dragon, going for exploration face cannibal creature in a village. He & his sheep-wife “headbutt” their way out of trouble.

Sweyn buy an inn with an hideout and start running it as an embassy of the Orlmarth clan in Jonstown

Sorra, searching for the guidance of Ernalda, meet the great goddess in her home in the hero plane. There she receive counseling and is reassured in her link with Ernalda, becoming a living embodiment of the goddess.

Scene 6: The chaos creature

While hiding in the basement the heroes are attacked by 2 creatures of chaos, with mouth and claw appearing and dissapearing randomly from their shadow body. After a difficult fight, the heroes manage to rout them out and Sorracollapse their tunnel

Benefits & gains

  1. 5HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
Season1-Session 8

characters: Dragon, Senestra Korlmarsson, … & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The ressource of the clan are low and the winter is harsh. The group decide to explore a nearby cavern in search of valuables to help the clan.

The Action

Scene 1: The cavern

Located on the Orlmarth clan tula (land) the heroes descend into an old cavern. At the bottom of the cavern they discover the entrance to ancient ruin.

Scene 2: The Zoo – the water pool

As the heroes enter the ruin they find a large pool of water with an island in the middle. As they draw near a large creature, combination of a shark, crocodile and human get out of the water to attack. As Dante produce a flash of light, the creature flee in the deep of the water pool.

Scene 3: The surgery lab

Opening the glass door the heroes explore the surgery lab where they find skeletton of several human, head and some limbs seperated from their bodies.
They discover several artifacts and books in auld wyrmish. Including a dragon orb and a surgery needle with strange properties. During this visit Dragon, trying to use is newly acquire death rune, face Humakt himself and is scarred to death

Scene 4: The Jungle

Opening the second door, the heroes meet 2 new creatures. One is made from a human and a huge monkey and the other is made from a tiger and human.
The 2 creatures, in exchange for their freedom do not attack and provide some help.

Scene 5: Fly of the Shark

As the heroes prepare to head for the surface again they realize the rope has been cut. The Shark creature, accompanied by another unseen & unknown creature managed to flee. As they get to the surface the heroes depart with the tiger and the monkey.

Scene 6: Death upon thee

Dragon, using his capacity to transfer the harm made to him, transfer the blessing of lord Humakt on the entire Orlmarth clan, making the Orlmarth clan a death clan for a full year.

Benefits & gains

  1. 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters. Items can be added to character for 1 HP. Connection with the saved beast men can be acquired for 1 HP.
Season1-session7-The Howling Tower

characters: Sorra May, Dragon, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Hero travel through the marsh and, in an epic fight, secure the sword wrath

The Action

Scene 1: The Undead boat

Traveling through the marsh the heroes are confronted with a choice, a narrow passage between 2 cliffs or going around the island. As they go around the island an undead operated boat try to intercept them but with combined magic and mundane strength they manage to flee.

Scene 2: The Howling tower

As they draw near of the howling tower some of the hero are struck with fear. They set foot on the howling tower island and manage to enter the tower. As Senestraexplore the basement she discover a bloodied altar and several bodies as well as a dark pit.
Exploring the first floor she locate the sword resting before the dessicated body of a king of old, sitting on his throne surrounded bu magical darkness. Senestraalso hear strange female voices whispering to the king.

Scene 3: The Corpse King and the daughter of Darkness

As Sweynmanage to lift the sword and take it to him the daughter of darkness, 3 vampires, start to attack, first by their mystical seduction then trying to steal blood fro their opponent. The Corpse kind also enter into the fight.

Scene 4: The corpse king is free.

As the heroes free the corpse king from his curse Humakt reward the heroes by offering them a link with the death rune.

Scene 5: The theft

the heroes travel out of the marsh and into the Marshedge clan land and enjoy the hospitality of an impressed Marshedge clan. During the night following the feast, the sword wrath is stolen and brought by the thief to the Graydog clan.

Scene 6: The Duel

To retrieve the sword presented to Killer Branduan, Sweynprovoke him to a duel over the sword. The duel is conducted on a neutral ground. During a tough fight, Sweynkill Branduan, and collect the sword wrath

Benefits & gains

  1. 5HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
Season1-session6-2nd impossible task
The heroes present the hand and receive the 2nd impossible task

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Heroes bring back the hand of hofstaring to Ernalsulvaand receive the 2nd impossible task.

The Action

Scene 1: The heroes present the hands to Ernalsulva

Traveling to the green stone temple Sweynpresent the Red Hands to an impressed Ernalsulva.

Scene 2: The 2nd impossible task

Ernalsulva present the hero with the 2nd impossible task: retrieve the sword Wrath in the howling tower. The sword wrath belonged to Indrodar Graydog and was lost in the howling tower located in the upland marsh

Scene 3: Information on the upland

The heroes travel to the Jonstown library and gather information about the howling tower and the upland marsh. They then prepare their trip to Quackford to find Durulz (ducks) guides into the marsh.

Scene 4: Quackford and the Durulz.

The hero negotiate with a group of ducks, including Polgo that appear eager to lead the hero to the howling tower

Scene 5: The Marsh

The group start the trip toward the howling tower in 2 small boats operated by the ducks. As the night fall they set up a camp on a small island in the marsh and are attached by zombies and a vampire.
The group manage to kill the zombie and force the vampire to leave the fight in a form of mist.

Benefits & gains

  1. 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
Season1-Session4-Fleeing the palace
Fleeing the Royal Palace

characters: Sorra May, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

After stealing the hand from the prince and while Senestra is running away with the hand, Sorra, Dragon and Dante try to escape from the royal palace and from boldhome.

The Action

Scene 1: The Banquet room

As the 3 heroes try to escape the banquet room in the confusion they are noticed by a group of telmori guard. They manage to escape from the banquet room with Woolf shocked by the telmori spirit wolf.

The Kitchen

As Dante uses his memory and his knowledge of the palace to find a way the group move as fast as possible through the corridor and through the kitchen into

The Guard room

The characters emerge into a lunar guard room full of lunar soldier. As Sora manages to escape, Dragon and Dante are trapped in the room by an illusion wall blocking the exit. Valtheria, a lunar officer, arrives in the room and get the 2 heroes arrested and locked in a guarded room. With the help of Sora they manage to escape from the cell and manage to reach the servant entrance of the palace.

Exiting the palace

The 3 heroes flee from the palace past a group of guard (burned guards ;-) ) and under the shoot of the archer and escape into the night.

The Market and the Telmori

The heroes hide themselves in the market but soon after are spotted by one of the Telmori guard in the market. As they flee through the market with the werewolf on their back they are almost gone when they get into a storehouse that Dante set into flame. Sending Woolf ahead of them to be followed by the Telmori wolf they manage to escape in the night.

The Trolls Deal

Trying to find a way out of Boldhome, the 3 adventurers are pointed out to the Troll part of the city. They strike a deal with the troll matron and are sent into a tunnel. After several hundred meters they realized they have been fooled and are attacked by 3 chaos creature with werebear bodies and squid heads. Defeating the creatures they retreat to the entrance. As a reward the Troll promise to help them out of Boldhome with the power of Darkness.

Benefits & gains

  1. 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.

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