Sorra May

The Impulsive Priestess


Sorra May

Member of the Orlmarth Clan (Woodpackers) – 20, Violence is always an option.
Priestess – 5W,
Intimidation +1

Initiate of Ernalda, Earth – 14w,
Feat: Snake Goddess
Life – 11W,
Magic – 18,
Illusion – 13

Animal Care – 16,
Mind vision (Look into people/animal mind) – 19,
Convincing Liar -16,
Gossip – 16,
Acting – 16,
Woodsman – 16
Chain mail – 13
Wealth – 8W
Wool Blue Sheep – 13
Affinity with Cinsina – 16
Contact with Orstatlor – 13

The Hawnthorn Bough – Always blooms in winter and in the underworld Life rune 2W Protection from Underworld +3 Merciful 2W Ability 13 Ability 13

Sidekick – Ariadne,
War bunny – 5W,
Bite Attack +1,
Spiked color – 13,
Chain mail – 13

Follower – FairryTwo
Humakti Bodyguard 16
+6 to Fighting Undead

Light Quick Steps (Natural)– 17,
Summon an Illusion (that looks like me) – 17,
Bone Casting (Throwing up bones in the air to predict the future or to assist in decision making)-16,

Hot Tempered -13,
Liar -20,
Attracted to glittering/shiny things – 20,

Amulet (taken from the legless guy)

Hero points left: 10

Lingering Benefits/Penalties:
+3 Attracted to glittering/shiny things
+3 Interaction Boldhome
+9 Healing
+6 Fighting Undead
One time use ability: Fight undead


Sorra has big blue eyes and long white hair. She is dressed in a velvet black dress and has a cape around her shoulders. On the belt around her waist you see various little bags which hold her most precious possessions. Her fluffy friend Ariadne is never far from her side to keep her company but also protect her from harm.

Her family (Prosperous Wealth) is small but well known in the clan for its advise and wisdom. Sorra has learned to read and write in the temple. Here she also learned how to nurture and care for not only humans but also animals.

She also has mastered the skills of acting and is a very convincing liar. She loves to gossip and her ability to read into the mind of other beings has been advantageous for her in many situations.

She carries around an old but still sharp axe that she got from her great uncle. He took Sorra along on his trips in the woods when she was a small child. He taught her all she needs to know how on how to take care of herself and survive in the wild.

Sorra May

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