Senestra Korlmarsson

Girl of 18, a thane, devotee of Yinkin


Senestra, Seductive Thane/Spy

Naive in love – 15
Falls in love easily – 1M

Air – 13
Illusion – 13
Yinkin – 15M
Death – 13

Feel weakness – 16
Ghost sound – 13
Detect Treasure – 19

Thane – 1M
Spy – 1M
Orlmarth Clan – 13
Mesec – divine companion Alusar alynx at – 3M


shopping – 13
smooth voice – 16
acrobatics – 13
alchemy – 16
remembering details – 16
being lucky – 17
speed – 13
Seducing Yinkin Rune +1 = 16M
Survival – Yinkin +1 = 16M
Loyalty – Yinkin +1 = 16M
Hunt – Yinkin +1 = 16M
Stealth – Yinkin +1 = 16M
Magical 2 handed iron sword with rune – 13
Marsh Edge Shield – 16
Dragon Orb – 13
Mesec, divine companion: – 3M
- intelligent 17
- talk 16
- charming 15

FEAT: Become Alynx [ Yinkin ]


By the age of 15 it was clear for a long time that Senestra was favored by Yinkin. Her bright catlike green eyes, her alluring walk and the outrageous flirting. All alynxes flocked to Senestra and showed favoritism to her.

A Yinkin devotee came to the Orlmarth clan and explained the beliefs of the god to her. She knew immediatly this was her chosen path. The devotee explained to her in order to become an initiate she needed to survive in the wild for one year. Alone and by herself. If she succeeded in this she would become an initiate. It was possible to stay an iniate of Yinkin, but it is uncommon. Generally, people who worship Yinkin become a devotee. This became Senestra’s dream.

After explaining her family and clan where she would go and why she had to do it, she set out on her quest. The first few days were extremely hard on her. After a while she threw civilisation away and survived like Yinkin would do. She hunted, stalked, preyed, lurked. She became aware of her skills and possibilities and learned how to survive the wild. The beasts of nature, the plants and the weather were her friends, not her enemy.

After a year a different devotee of Yinkin came to get her. She joined Senestra in the hunt and told her to follow her. Entering a glade in a forest was a shrine to Yinkin. There several priests of Yinkin waited for Senestra. The initiation begun and she was a part of the Yinkin religion.

Since then she began to live like a true Yinkin. Only two years later she became a full devotee and achieved the feat to transform into an alynx whenever she wishes. Everyday she strives to be like Yinkin and get as close as she can.

Senestra Korlmarsson

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