The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season1-session6-2nd impossible task

The heroes present the hand and receive the 2nd impossible task

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Heroes bring back the hand of hofstaring to Ernalsulvaand receive the 2nd impossible task.

The Action

Scene 1: The heroes present the hands to Ernalsulva

Traveling to the green stone temple Sweynpresent the Red Hands to an impressed Ernalsulva.

Scene 2: The 2nd impossible task

Ernalsulva present the hero with the 2nd impossible task: retrieve the sword Wrath in the howling tower. The sword wrath belonged to Indrodar Graydog and was lost in the howling tower located in the upland marsh

Scene 3: Information on the upland

The heroes travel to the Jonstown library and gather information about the howling tower and the upland marsh. They then prepare their trip to Quackford to find Durulz (ducks) guides into the marsh.

Scene 4: Quackford and the Durulz.

The hero negotiate with a group of ducks, including Polgo that appear eager to lead the hero to the howling tower

Scene 5: The Marsh

The group start the trip toward the howling tower in 2 small boats operated by the ducks. As the night fall they set up a camp on a small island in the marsh and are attached by zombies and a vampire.
The group manage to kill the zombie and force the vampire to leave the fight in a form of mist.

Benefits & gains

  1. 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.



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