The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season1-Session4-Fleeing the palace

Fleeing the Royal Palace

characters: Sorra May, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

After stealing the hand from the prince and while Senestra is running away with the hand, Sorra, Dragon and Dante try to escape from the royal palace and from boldhome.

The Action

Scene 1: The Banquet room

As the 3 heroes try to escape the banquet room in the confusion they are noticed by a group of telmori guard. They manage to escape from the banquet room with Woolf shocked by the telmori spirit wolf.

The Kitchen

As Dante uses his memory and his knowledge of the palace to find a way the group move as fast as possible through the corridor and through the kitchen into

The Guard room

The characters emerge into a lunar guard room full of lunar soldier. As Sora manages to escape, Dragon and Dante are trapped in the room by an illusion wall blocking the exit. Valtheria, a lunar officer, arrives in the room and get the 2 heroes arrested and locked in a guarded room. With the help of Sora they manage to escape from the cell and manage to reach the servant entrance of the palace.

Exiting the palace

The 3 heroes flee from the palace past a group of guard (burned guards ;-) ) and under the shoot of the archer and escape into the night.

The Market and the Telmori

The heroes hide themselves in the market but soon after are spotted by one of the Telmori guard in the market. As they flee through the market with the werewolf on their back they are almost gone when they get into a storehouse that Dante set into flame. Sending Woolf ahead of them to be followed by the Telmori wolf they manage to escape in the night.

The Trolls Deal

Trying to find a way out of Boldhome, the 3 adventurers are pointed out to the Troll part of the city. They strike a deal with the troll matron and are sent into a tunnel. After several hundred meters they realized they have been fooled and are attacked by 3 chaos creature with werebear bodies and squid heads. Defeating the creatures they retreat to the entrance. As a reward the Troll promise to help them out of Boldhome with the power of Darkness.

Benefits & gains

  1. 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.



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