The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season1-Session 9 - The trial

characters: Sorra May, Dragon, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Hero learn about their lineage & face a trial to outlaw them

The Action

Scene 1: A meeting of kings

Fazzur summon the kings of the Colymar and Lismelder tribes in Quackford as his army are marching south for war. He get the King of the Colymar tribe to pay a high tribute to the Lismelder for all the killed and to prevent the war. As he gets out from the meeting he is angry against the Orlmarth in general and the heroes in particular. He will summon them to pay for the deeds and repay the wergild he had to give to the Lismelder.

Scene 2: A friendly visit.

In the evening, Senestra receive the visit from an old men, presenting himself as Dunorl Ring-Guarder of the ernaldor clan.
He explain her lineage to Senestra. As Senestra call her friends in, Dunorl explain their lineage to them.
He urge them to help freeing Sartar from the Lunar and tell the heroes that their action are watched by the Iron ring of Sartar.
He also identify the iron sword Senestra carries as the Iron Sword of Sartar, a part of the regalia of king Sartar.
Dunorl is also famous for being a supporter of the exiled former Queen of the Colymar tribe, Leika.
After this visit the heroes visit Minaryth in Jonstown to seek more information. There he provide a little more information about the iron ring of Sartar.

Scene 3: Preparing the trial

The heroes visit nearby clans to try to gather help during the trial with various success.

Scene 4: The trial

The heroes are summoned before the tribal assembly to face a trial for their deeds. In fear of their growing renown as a threat to his rule , king Kangharl ask for greater outlawry for what they have done.
4 of the heroes are condemned to outlawry for the next 3 years: Senestra, Sorra, Dante and Dragon.
Sweyn, impressing the tribal assembly is cleared of the charges, but this judgement outrage Kangharl.

Scene 5: Jonstown

The heroes, facing outlawry, travel to Jonstown to seek council from Minaryth and prepare for their new lives.

Senestra hunt down the cattle from king Kangharl before meeting Dernu & Gernu, who advise her to fight the lunar to free Sartar. She then ambush a lunar tax collector convoy near Jonstown.

Dante start his work as a redsmith in Jonstown

Dragon, going for exploration face cannibal creature in a village. He & his sheep-wife “headbutt” their way out of trouble.

Sweyn buy an inn with an hideout and start running it as an embassy of the Orlmarth clan in Jonstown

Sorra, searching for the guidance of Ernalda, meet the great goddess in her home in the hero plane. There she receive counseling and is reassured in her link with Ernalda, becoming a living embodiment of the goddess.

Scene 6: The chaos creature

While hiding in the basement the heroes are attacked by 2 creatures of chaos, with mouth and claw appearing and dissapearing randomly from their shadow body. After a difficult fight, the heroes manage to rout them out and Sorracollapse their tunnel

Benefits & gains

  1. 5HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.



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