The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season1-Session 12-The Silver Shields - A meeting with Kallyr

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Heroes are ambushed and attacked by the Silver shields. A meeting with Kallyr Starbrow.

The Action

Scene 1: Ambush by the Silver shield

The Silver shields ambush Dante at the Geo’s inn, Sorra at the earth temple and Senestra, Dragon & Sweyn in the hideout.
Helped by the innkeeper, Dante manage to hide and avoid being captured by the Silver Shields.
Trying to flee the temple, Sorra is captured by the Silver shield.
Trying to flee the hideout, Dragon burn himself and his sheep (meeeeeehhhh) and both with Senestra are captured by the silver shields.
In the mean time, Sweyn use the collapsed tunnel to flee to the cavern below Jonstown and then reaching The Creek by an underground river.
All prisoners are brought to the lunar garrison.

Scene 2: Fleeing the lunar garrison

As Sorra call on the power of Maran Gor to create an earthquake and collapsing the cell wall (and a part of the building), Messec and Dragon friend make trouble in the barracks court.
As they try to escape using Nagini the serpent, they find themselves in the basement where they save Borham, a prisoner tortured by the lunar.
After creating more havok, they finally escape from Jonstown.

Scene 3: A meeting with the reble leaders.

Borham confess being one of the people who help the rebels, providing them food and other needed items. He agrees to bring the band to meet with a group of rebels he supports.
After meeting the group in the hills, they move to meet with Orngerin Thundercape at one of his camp.

Scene 4: Kallyr & Orngerin

At Orngerin camp, they are welcomed by Orngerin and then by Kallyr Starbrow herself.
Kallyr welcome Senestra as a (junior) member of the Iron Ring of Sartar and inform the group it was her who gave Senestra the iron sword in the hero plane.
Sweyn decide to challenge Kallyr Starbrow in a duel to take leadership of the Rebellion. He doesn’t have the time to move before being given a nice shave and a small cut. All the camp soldier are amused by this but Kallyr appears distant.
As she go back in Orngerin war room (tent) she asks Senestra to follow them as she present next moves for both Senestra and Orngerin.
She asks Senestra to run a raid against the HillHaven clan of the Lismelder tribe.
After Kallyr and her follower quit the camp, Orngerin advise the rebel group encountered to follow Senestra.

Benefits & gains

  • 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.



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