The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season1-Session 11-A meeting with King Sartar

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Heroes run a raid on the red sheep of Black Oak Clan (Colymar tribe) for & with Orstalor the Spearlord

The Action

Scene 1: Ambush the Silver shield

As the group try to ambush lunar cargo ships along The Creek river near Danger ford, they attack a boat protected by the Silver Shields, a lunar mercenary company. As they are routed they decide to attack easier target.

Scene 2: A season of Ambush

In the next 3 weeks, they succesfully managed to run a campaign of ambushes and raids against lunar tax collectors and caravan, distributing the collected wealth to the Cinsina tribe, gaining renown with the cinsina tribesman.

Scene 3: In search for answer

In search of answer, the band decide to travel to the Otherside and petition Sartar for his counsel. They prepare for the ceremony and sacrifice a bull to Sartar before travelling to the stead of Orlanth.
As they cross in the hero plane, they incarnate the heroes who went to Sartar to form his band.

Scene 4: The beast men

The first challenge faced by the group is a mercenary unit of beast men in the service of the red goddess. The band fight well and vanquish the beast men. Pursuing their way to meet Sartar at his army camp.

Scene 5: The red woman

Lost in the wilderness of the Dragon pass, the heroes arrive at the village of the Red Woman. In order to get direction from her, Dante seduce her and spend a night in her hut. In the morning, a slashed and exhausted Dante joined the rest of the group with the direction for Sartar camp.

Scene 6: The Army of Sartar

As the group arrive on a hill above the massive army of Sartar, a patrol connect with them and inquire for the reason of their presence.
The group has to prove its valor by participating in contests.
As they prove themselves they are allowed to continue and finally meet King Sartar.

Scene 7: King Sartar

King Sartar welcome the heroes in his tent and answer question and provide counsel.

  • Who is the heir?
  • The heir in blood is known by Sorra. The one to be crowned will be judged by their act and not by their blood.
  • What do you need to light the Flame of Sartar?
  • Many heroic deeds are needed: Find the giant craddle, Slay the Red Emperor and triumph against the lunar empire, raise the ship planet in the sky and tame the dragon.
  • The Sword of Sartar
  • Senestra Korlmarsson is offered the Iron Sword of Sartar by king Sartar and invited to join the Iron Ring.
  • The pen
  • Sorra May offer the Iron pen to King Sartar.

Benefits & gains

  • 5HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
  • Item gains during heroquest can be consolidated for 1 HP.
  • Other benefits as provided on the session.



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