The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season1-Session 10 - Red Sheeps

characters: Sorra May, Senestra Korlmarsson, Sweyn Forkbeard, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The Hero run a raid on the red sheep of Black Oak Clan (Colymar tribe) for & with Orstalor the Spearlord

The Action

Scene 1: Meeting Orstalor the Spearlord in Jonstown

Scene 2: Revelations about Orstalor the Spearlord

Scene 3: Preparing the Festival

Scene 4: Crossing the wood

Scene 5: Trouble at the festival

Scene 6: The Raid

Scene 7: Fleeing the Black Oak thula

Benefits & gains

  1. 5HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters.
  2. Benefit: 1 magical Blue sheep for each character
  3. Establish a link with the Iron Ring of Sartar



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