The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season 1 - session 13

To the Underworld ...

characters: Sorra May, Sweyn Forkbeard, Dragon & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 3 HP / 3 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

To free Hofstaring from the Lunar hell he is imprisoned in the heroes prepare their descent to the Underworld

The Action

Scene 1: Preparing for the Underworld

the Heroes gather more information about the underworld and the possibilities to go there. They visit Minaryth in Jonstown.
They decide to follow the path of Ernalda and go to the greenstone temple to prepare for the ceremony.
Dragon prepare himself to challenge the red and silver goddess over the possession of her moon magic.

Scene 2: “She Sleeps, She Is Not Dead”

The heroes leave the ceremony as part of a funeral procession.
Sorra as Ernalda is wrapped in a shroud and the others cover their heads and mourn, weeping pitifully with a terrible racket of cymbals and horns.
Dragon, Sweyn & Dante carry Ernalda on a bier and take her to the edge of the ceremonial boundaries.
Once they cross the magical boundaries, they enter a cold, broken, lifeless world. Sorra is lifeless and dead & the procession follows the path to Ernalda’s Loom House.

Along the path a great Unliving army has assembled, a horde of the dead, demons and monsters
of the Underworld. The leader of the Unliving Army rides upon a great horned wolf; he is Nontraya
the Taker and Waster. Bloated, with dark black skin, his blood-red tongue lolls out of his gaping, fanged mouth, and he wears a garland of skulls and corpses and a bloodstained burial shroud. He is armed with a pair of strange trident-shaped daggers.

As he approach he demands to take Ernalda as his wife. While Dragon the matchmaker try to sell Ernalda to Nontraya, the other annouce him she is dead.
Angered and in disbelief Nontraya try to awake Sorra May, but she is dead.

As Nontraya leaves the procession resume and take the bier to the Loom House Cellar, a deep
dark cold rune carved out of the stone. The walls are covered in eye-catching and brightly colored murals depicting cowled and robed gods and goddesses, heroes and demons, ancestors and other figures.
Dominating the murals is a large image of a gaunt old skull-faced woman wrapped tightly in a black shroud: Ty Kora Tek.
To their surprise, Ty Kora Tek walks out of the mural and into the tomb. She lifts her own
shroud, revealing that she is a skeleton. She whispers to Sorra, “she sleeps, she is
not dead.” At once, Sorra awake and screams out secret words of Life: she lives again. Ty
Kora Tek gestures at the heroes and says, “follow me to Havan Vor and beyond.”
She leads you out of the loom house and in the underworld.

Scene 3: The Path of Silence

The heroes follows Ty Kora Tek on the path of silence and discover the dreaded underworld.

Scene 4: Nightwood & the Wild Hunt.

As the heroes follow the Path of Silence, they go along an immense forest, described by Ty Kora Tek as the Nightwood, a forest oldest than the darkness itself.
As they go along the Nightwood they hear the howling sound of hounds and wolves. Gagarth and the Wild Hunt are after them.
Making a diversion and running along the Path of Silence the heroes managed to escape from the wild hunt.

Benefits & gains

  • 3 HP for each character.



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