The Storm Chasers Campaign

An Interlude In Chaos Minor

characters: Senestra Korlmarsson, Sorra May, Sweyn Forkbeard, Gest & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 5 HP / 3 HP for missing characters.

The Setup.

After the wedding the heroes leave Greenstone temple, meet king Kangharl, and head toward the borderlands.

The Action

Scene 1: A meeting with King Kangharl

As the group leaves the Greenstone temple, they find that king Kangharl is waiting with the Colymar warband. As he see the famous heroes he rides with his thane to meet them.
He present his ring to Senestra and makes an “offer you can’t refuse”:

“Greetings heroes! Tales of your deeds ring in my hall, and I regret my hasty words. The Colymar have need of you! Take my banner and lead my other great men in war and peace. You will be my chief thane and my right hand. Swear loyalty to me and you will find I reward that loyalty with generosity and love.”

The group converse for a short moment and Senestra refuses the offer.
Red of rage the King roars:

“You will never get another such invitation from me! I see how you Woodpeckers oppose me and I think you seek me dead. Next time we meet it shall be as enemies, not friends!”

He turns his horse and leave.

Scene 2: A few choices for the exile.

As the list of enemies gets longer and longer, the heroes decide that leaving the Dragonpass is a good idea.
After a discussion about their option, Pavis, The Borderlands, Balazar or Whitewall, and a bone casting decision, the heroes decide to head for the Borderlands and to pay a visit to the Duke Raus of Rone, whom they heard about through the “legless” guy they saved from the chaos nest.
Senestra Korlmarsson decide to help “improving” Sweyn by using her dragon orb. As a result Sweyn grows scales that impede his movement. Scales that he and Sorra May manage to heal over time.
Dante, trying to buy a horse loose most of his wealth by spending too much on his horse.

Scene 3: “Shiny, shiny…”

While travelling through the hills of Sartar toward the borderlands and to satisfy Sorra appetite for “shiny” things, Senestra uses her magical sense for hidden wealth and soon detect valuable treasure on one hill in the neighborhood.
On top of the hill they see a ruined hamlet guarded by a ruined tower and with a water pool in the center.
As Gest patrol on his Black horse around the hill he discover that on the side of the hill.
As the group gets closer, they see 4 groups of humanoid forms. 2 groups vanish in the tower and toward the mine entrance as the 2 other groups remains in the hamlet.

Scene 4: “I see dead people”

As the adventurers gets closer they meet a ghost familly of Sartarites that explain that they died a long time ago when the Goatkin came and killed them.
As the group discuss with the ghost familly, the other groups of ghost gets closer and try to possess several of the heroes. After being repelled by Dante, Sorra and distanced by Senestra, the group of ghost manage to possess Gest. He now hear them talking inside his head and trying to take control of his body.
During that time Sweyn is investigating the pool and discover that the pool is full of dead bodies mutilated and mutated.

Scene 4: “The One Tower”

The adventurers explore the ground floor of the tower. There is a well in the middle and 3 rooms in the northern side. As Sweyn Forkbeard throw a coin in the well, a noise of suction is heard and they realize that a huge slimy worm is climbing the well.
Sorra May collapse the top of the well on the beast that continue to climb despite the rocks.
Dante turn the rocks red hot and they burn the creature to death. Making it collapse into the well again.

The first room.

This room was used by the Broos for trash and all other disgusting activities. The wall are painted in blood with primitive chaos painting. The ceiling is almost covered with small slimy worms.
In a small chest they discover a letter, some coins and the fragment of metal probably used for a mirror.
Dante burns the whole room and Sweyn call Orlanth and cleanse the room with his strong winds.

The 2nd room.

The third room.

Scene 5: The basement of the tower – An entrance to the mine.

As the heroes takes the stairs down they meet a group of Broo guarding the entrance to the mine.
In a glorious and rapid fight, Gest, Senestra, Dante and Sweyn kill the shadow creatures but unfortunately Sweyn contracts the yellow fever and start shivering and hallucinating.
Despite her best effort Sorra cannot heal him from this plague.
The group enters the mine storehouse and finds more slimy worms on the ceiling. Once more Dante create an inferno in the room. Unfortunately he is covered by the ashes of the chaos creatures.
In an attempt to help him, Senestra repel the chaos, at the same time that Dante inflame his own skin. As the chaos particle find a place to rest inside Dante skin he is marked as a tatoo, giving him a pale gray skin and marking him as a source of chaos.

Scene 6: The Shaman.

As the heroes enter the mine they discover the antechamber of a nightmare. As they progress into the mine the earth is more and more contorted and mutated.
In a side tunnel they discover silver ore and a small iron nugget, as well as another part of the shiny mirror.
Progressing into the mine they find a male Praxian, Bornam, follower of Urox the Stormbull, and despite the fact that his bottom part was turn into undead chaos, Sorra manage to heal him enough to get him back to consciousness and talk.
Further down the mine tunnel they arrive in the foul hideout of the Shaman. The Shaman and the several head kept in the jars were guarded by 2 broos and 2 Scorpion men.

The fight.

As Senestra charge headlong into one of the broo and almost get impaled on his spear, Dante burn the other to ashes, Gest charge the Shaman, Sweyn swing his sword hopelessly and Sorra, calling on the earthshaker destroy several heads and jars, challenging the Shaman.

Senestra is almost impaled by the spear of the broo she faces when Messec, her loyal Alynx companion, jump and take the spear blow instead of her. Dante support the other fighters as Gest and Sweyn have a hard time being stinged by the scorpion men they face.
Sorra, outraged by what the chaos have done to the lands, call on the earthshaker again and, as the shaman try to prevent her from destroying more heads, invoke spike from the ground, move into the ground at blazing speed and reappear near the shelves. As she pushes the shelves they fall on the shaman, destroying both the heads and the Shaman in an epic move.

As Sweyn is lying on the ground, the group circle around the remaining monsters and kill them.

The spirits of the 10 heads controlled by the Shaman are set free and Fenry two perform the Death ritual to send them to the underworld.

The Aftermath.

After the epic battle Sorra heal the heroes from their wounds and they continue to explore the mine.

Zolyn The Dryad.

Exploring the mine tunnels, the heroes discover a gigantic jar containing a dying Dryad.
As they free Zolyn, Senestra asks her to become the patron of the Golden Shadows, striking an agreement that they will protect the earth and the trees from the Chaos.

Benefits & gains

  • 5 HP for each character.
  • Zolyn is now the Guardian of the Golden Shadows.
  • You can “buy” any of the items discovered for 1 HP (the 2 pieces of the mirror, etc…).



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