The Storm Chasers Campaign

Season1-Session 8

characters: Dragon, Senestra Korlmarsson, … & Dante.

Hero Points earned: 4 HP / 2 HP for missing characters

The Setup.

The ressource of the clan are low and the winter is harsh. The group decide to explore a nearby cavern in search of valuables to help the clan.

The Action

Scene 1: The cavern

Located on the Orlmarth clan tula (land) the heroes descend into an old cavern. At the bottom of the cavern they discover the entrance to ancient ruin.

Scene 2: The Zoo – the water pool

As the heroes enter the ruin they find a large pool of water with an island in the middle. As they draw near a large creature, combination of a shark, crocodile and human get out of the water to attack. As Dante produce a flash of light, the creature flee in the deep of the water pool.

Scene 3: The surgery lab

Opening the glass door the heroes explore the surgery lab where they find skeletton of several human, head and some limbs seperated from their bodies.
They discover several artifacts and books in auld wyrmish. Including a dragon orb and a surgery needle with strange properties. During this visit Dragon, trying to use is newly acquire death rune, face Humakt himself and is scarred to death

Scene 4: The Jungle

Opening the second door, the heroes meet 2 new creatures. One is made from a human and a huge monkey and the other is made from a tiger and human.
The 2 creatures, in exchange for their freedom do not attack and provide some help.

Scene 5: Fly of the Shark

As the heroes prepare to head for the surface again they realize the rope has been cut. The Shark creature, accompanied by another unseen & unknown creature managed to flee. As they get to the surface the heroes depart with the tiger and the monkey.

Scene 6: Death upon thee

Dragon, using his capacity to transfer the harm made to him, transfer the blessing of lord Humakt on the entire Orlmarth clan, making the Orlmarth clan a death clan for a full year.

Benefits & gains

  1. 4HP for each character. 2 HP for all missing characters. Items can be added to character for 1 HP. Connection with the saved beast men can be acquired for 1 HP.



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